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Full text of "Year book of Trinity Church, Asheville, N.C. [serial]"

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l^ear Book 


ftrintts Cburcb 

HsbetnUe, 1FU <L 

Suite 1, 19<H to 3mc t, 1905 


|)ear Book 


fortuity Cburcb 

asbeville, 1R. <L 

June t, 1904 to June t, 1905 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


The Year Book is published with the hope that the facts herein 
contained will not only be of passing interest to the members of the 
parish and the other readers of it; but that as a statement of the 
life of the parish it may inspire courage and faith for the work of 
the ensuing year. The figures all speak of progress, and this is the 
sure symptom of life. Here then is our sacred and joyous privilege, 
the use and direction of the activities of this life. And what is this 
life? In its holiest meaning it is the life of Christ; "the Church 
is the Body of Christ", affirms St. Paul again and again. Therefore 
the Church is the manifestation of the life of Christ on earth; "He 
went about doing good": here is our solemn responsibility and our 
privilege, our joy and destinction to work the works of Christ. 

The figures of the past year speak well for us ; and yet Beloved 
Brethren, with a more perfect realization of what our life in the 
Church is and what the Church stands for we should go far beyond 
our present bounds and limits. There should be more definite per- 
sonal consecration on the part of each member of the parish; too 
few are doing the work of the whole body. Take example from our 
own bodies : we are only healthy when every fiber of our being 
responds to the call made upon it for its special service. 

There is a tremendous call upon us all for active missionary work 
within our city's borders. While on the other hand the missionary 
work of the District and the general missionary enterprise of the 
Church demand our most generous support. In short, whatever 
the Church has to do is of necessity the "business of our Father", 
and in the faithful discharge of it we become the elements of "peace 
on earth" and the "sons of God". I am, 

Very faithfully your friend and rector, 

William Theodotus Capers 

Historical Sketcb of £rinit\> H>arieb 

By a Parishoner 

Bishop Ravenscroft, in the Journal of Convention of 1829, 
speaks of having visited Asheville the previous summer, holding 
services and preaching in June 1828. This is the first authentic ac- 
count of any service of our church in this place. 

In 1840 Mrs. James W. Patton (nee Miss Henrietta Kerr of 
Charleston) came here to make her home and having a large ac- 
quaintance among the clergy managed to have some of them as her 
guests during the summer season and thus secured the ministra- 
tions of her beloved church. 

The Bishop of the diocese, for many years, spent a month's 
vacation as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Patton and assisted in keep- 
ing alive the church life. Having no building of their own, our 
people were made courteously welcome to the use of the Presby- 
terian and Methodist churches and when these were unavailable the 
court house was used. The only other communicant besides Mrs. 
Patton in these early days was Mrs. Coleman who, living some 
seven miles in the country, came in on horseback every time there 
was an opportunity of a church service. 

In 1847 Bishop Ives sent a young deacon, Jarvis Buxton, to min- 
ister at this place and Rutherfordton on alternate Sundays; which 
he did for many years going on horseback from one to the other. 

The following year Mr. Buxton married Miss Anna Cameron of 
Fayetteville and brought her here to reside. At the same time Mr. 
and Mrs. James Norwood came to live here and the little band was 
farther strengthened each summer by Miss Margaret and Miss 
Charlotte Kerr and the family of Mr. William Patton. Miss Selina 
Corpening having married Mr. Philetus Roberts, came to join the 

number. Mr. James W. Patton, at this time, became a communi- 
cant. The nucleus of a parish being thus formed it was determined 
to erect a church. Mr. J. W. Patton gave the land and the 
necessary money was subscribed. In September, 1849, the con- 
tract for a neat and churchly building was awarded Mr. Ephrame 
Clayton and the following spring, it being completed at a cost of 
$1400 was consecrated by Bishop Ives, June, 1850, James W. Patton 
and James H. Norwood being vestrymen. Thus Trinity Parish 
came into permanent existance as a self supporting parish. 

The next most noted addition was that of Mr. Nicholas W. 
Woodfin who was confirmed by Bishop Atkinson and ever remained 
a staunch adherent. The Parish was greatly strengthened during 
the eighties by the advent of Judge Bailey and Gen. Martin with 
their families. 

In the summer of 1871 Bishop Atkinson made a strong appeal 
to the congregation to enlarge the church and supply accommoda- 
tions for the summer visitors. As it was a time when money was 
very scarce and hard to get, the vestry decided to take three years 
to collect funds. Miss Charlotte Kerr was appointed treasurer and 
it was largely by her generous giving and untiring labors that, after 
many discouragements, the sum fixed upon, $7,000, was in bank and 
the corner stone was laid by Bishop Lyman in 1881. But even now 
new difficulties arose, the building proved much more costly and 
many more years of labor and selfdenial lay before the congregation 
before it was finally completed and paid for at a cost of $30,000. 
The consecration of the new church which was erected upon the 
same spot as the old, took place in the summer of 1889, Bishop 
Lyman officiating. The chancel windows were made a memorial 
to Bishop Atkinson and other windows were placed in loving mem- 
ory of members of the flock; notibly Judge and Mrs. Baily, Mr. 

James W. Patton, Gen. Martin, Capt. Polk and Dr. Geddings 
Hardy. (Others have been added since.) 

Dr. Buxton after a faitful pastorate of forty-two years, resigned 
in 1889 and Rev. McNeely DuBose took charge on Easter Sunday of 
that year. 

The Parish now made great strides; the congregation growing 
to fill the new church. An organ at cost of $3,500 was purchased 
and a Rectory was built ; the latter being mostly paid for by the 
Woman's Guild. 

After fourteen years, Mr. DuBose, to the great grief of his 
people, left them to assume other duties elsewhere and Rev. W. T. 
Capers took charge in Nov., 1903. Thus Trinity continues to be blest 
with a devoted and able Rector. 

The wardens of the Parish have been Mr. James W. Patton, 
Mr. James H. Norwood, Mr. Nicholas W. Woodfin, Judge James L. 
Bailey, Gen. James G. Martin, Mr. Thomas W. Patton, Mr. Law- 
rence Pulliam, Mr. John H. Law. 

Among the numerous societies connected with the Parish the 
Woman's Auxiliary deserves special mention. It was organized on 
the afternoon of Ash Wednesday, Feb. 13th, 1872 at a meeting held 
at the residence of Mrs. James W. Patton and is, perhaps, the oldest 
branch in the country which has had a continued existance. At 
this meeting it was determined to support a pupil in Bishop Boone's 
school for boys in Shanghai. 

This school has since become the largest college in China, 
(known as St John's) and the "Jarvis Buxton Scholarship" is still 
maintained by the women of Trinity. 

Schedule of Services 

From June the first to October the first. 


Holy Communion (Except First Sunday) 7.30 a. m. 

Holy Communion on First Sunday at n a. m. 

Morning Prayer, with Sermon 11 a. m. 

Evening prayer 6 p. m. 

Sunday School 4.30 p. m. 

WieeteWay Services 

Wednesday, Morning prayer 10 a. m. 

Friday, Evening prayer 6 p. m. 

THolE Communion 

The Holy Communion is celebrated on all Holy-days and 
Saint's Days at 10 a. m. 

From October the first to June the first. 


Holy Communion (Except First Sunday) 8 a. m. 

Holy Communion on First Sunday at 11 a. m. 

Morning prayer, with Sermon 11 a. m. 

Evening prayer 4.30 p. m. 

Sunday School 3.15 p. m. 

TKHeeR*H>aE Services 

Wednesday, Morning prayer 11 a. m. 

Friday, Evening prayer 4-30P- m. 

IRolp. Communion 

The Holy .Communion is celebrated on all Holy-Days and 
Saint's Days at 11 a. m. 


Gbe JBtble Class 

All members of the congregation are invited to attend this 
class which meets one hour before the evening prayer on Friday. 

Ebe Cbil&ren's Service 

On the Third Sunday afternoon of each Month the Sunday 
School exercises and evening prayer are combined to make "The 
Children's Service"; at this service the children are catechised and 
a short address is delivered by the Rector. The children and the 
parents of the parish are especially urged to attend this service; all 
other members of the parish and the public are cordially invited to 
be present. The hour of service is that of evening prayer. 

IParisb ©rganisation 

The Rev. William Theodotus Capers, Rector. 

Gbe WestrE 

Captain T. W. Patton Senior Warden 

Mr. John H . Law Junior Warden 

Mr. Henry Redwood, Secretary 

Mr. J. H. Lee, Treasurer 

Mr. Harmon A. Miller 

Dr. M. H. Fletcher 

Mr. Haywood Parker 

Mr. Herbert D. Child 

Mr. W. S. Hyams 

Dr. Phil. R. Moale 

parocbial Statistics 

Families 152 

Number of persons 570 

Baptisms 35 

Confimations 19 

Marriages 8 

Burials 9 

Communicants, last reported 302 

Communicants, added 24 

Communicants, removed 5 

Communicants, present number 32 1 

Sunday-school, teachers and officers 12 

Sunday-school, scholars 125 

Public services 352 

Celebrations of the Holy Communion no 

fIDembere of HDult Cboir 

Singing for the Morning Services 


Mrs. T. A. Jones Miss Mary Rice Carter 

Mrs. E. E. Kimberly Miss Agnes Carter 

Mrs. H. C. Allen Miss Rankin- 

Mrs. Julia V. Merriam Miss Jeanette Fisher 

Mrs. Fisher Miss Rebecca Cushman 

Miss M. E, Kimberly Miss Ethel Ownbey 

Miss Betty Sites 

Mrs. F. M. Waddell 
Mrs. Minnie Greenlee 
Mrs. Melvin Carter 

Mr. Fred Haskell 

Mrs. T. B. Hamby 
Miss Lizzie Stevens 


Mr. Collier 

Mr. T. A. Jones 
Mr. Harold Johnson 


Mr. Enos Davenport 

flfeembers of Cbitoren's Cboir 

Singing for the Evening Service 

Ellison Capers 
Frank Thompson 
Chas. Hilliard 
Leevan Seraphian 
Harry Gee 
Sam Fisher 
Lindsay Campbell 

Ethel Owenby 
Gladys Redwood 
Coorie Campbell 
Mercedes Goldsmith 
Florence Fisher 
Lillie Batterham 
Byrd Henderson 


Edwin Allen 
William Fisher 
Foster Batterham 
McKenzie Bourne 
William Capers 
Philip Randolph 


Lillian Aldrich 
Clara Canada 
Hortense Jones 
Leonora Harris 
Marguerite Guischard 
Amelia Berniker 
Dorothy Graham 

Sun&a? Scbool Organisation 

Superintendent, The Rector 
Assistant-Superintendent, Mr. R. J. Tighe 
Miss Hatch, Secretary 
Miss Blanch Randolph, Treasuerer 
Miss Jane Louise Fisher, Recorder 


Miss Maude Hamilton Mrs. Jenson 

Miss Mable Randolph Mrs. Shuford 

Mrs. Cushman Miss Hamblen 

Mrs. Randolph Miss Hatch 

Mrs. Batterham The Rector 
Miss Blanch Randolph 

^Financial Statement 

Balance from last year $ 20.25 

Received from Offerings 133.23 J53-48 


General Missions $53-65 

Scholarship St. Pauls School, Beaufort, N. C 5.00 

District Missions '..,.. I2 -53 

Expenditures for the maintenance of the School. . 73-12 144-30 

Balance on hand 9.18 


CrinitE mission Sunoa$ Scbool 

J. H. Law, Superintendent 


Miss Raven Lewis Miss Ethel Ownbey 

Miss McAfee Miss Lucy Redwood 

Miss Jane Louise Fisher Miss Frances Carter 

financial Statement 

of Crinits Cburcb, BsbevMle, for sear JBnoing /Ifcas 31, 1905 

Cash Balance on hand last year .$172.87 

" Received from Communion Alms 244.93 

Open Collections 1005.41 

Envelopes 2217.31 

Sunday-school Offerings. 133.23 

Parish Societies 530.38 

Other Sources 73 2 -&9 

Money Borrowed i95-oo 5232.02 


For Parochial Objects 

Communion Alms 228.93 

Minister's Salary { 1462.50 

Organist's Salary 600.00 

Sexton's Salary 240.00 

Repairs and Improvements 22.30 

Current Expenses 784.29 

Other Parochial Objects 115.80 

Sunday-school Expenses 73 .12 

Lindley Training school 48.75 

Mission Hospital 26.75 

Debts paid 595.00 4197.44 


For District Objects 

Episcopal and Contingent fund 150.00 

District Missions 256.68 

Sunday-school Advent for District Missions 
Woman's Auxiliary for District Missions. . 
Woman's Auxiliary for Balsam church . . . 


8.25 472.46 

For General Objects 
Womans Auxiliary, for Domestic Missions. 
Foreign " 

From Parish 


% 7.00 

" S. School 

General Clergy Relief fund 36.57 

University of the South 82.10 

Thompson Orphanage 63.25 

Deaf Mutes 2.00 

St. Paul's School, Beaufort, N. C. 5 00 

J. Buxton Scholarship, China 40.00 434.39 5104.29 

Balance cash on hand June 1, 1905 $127.73 



Gbe Brotberboofr of St Hn&rew 

Director, Mr. W. S. Hyams 

Sec. and Treas., Mr. Herbert C. Allen 

£be Woman's Huiiliar$ 

Meets every third Wednesday, 4.30 p. m. 

Miss Hatch, President 

Mrs. Chas. L. Minor, Vice-President 

Mrs. E. W. Spear, Secretary 

Miss Martin, Treasurer 

financial Statement 


Balance from last year $ 5.63 

Membership fees 44. 10 

Auxiliary Envelopes 39-93 

Lenten Offering; 34-54 

Sales from Basket 2I -35 

Donations 3.21 

Specials 8.50 

"Annunciation" 5.29 

General mission mite-boxes 3.00 

United Offering 21.82 $187.37 


"Jarvis Buxton" scholarship St. John's College 

Shanghai, China $40.00 

To Missionary in District 40.00 

General Missions 13.00 

United Offering 33-82 

United work in District, Foreign 10.00 

" " " " Domestic 7.00 

" " " " District 5.00 

Central Fund 4.30' 

Expenses 8.71 $161.83 

Balance in Bank 25.54 



One box to Missionary at Sewanee, Tenn., 

valued at $45 .00 

One box sent to Mrs. J. H. C. W., Balsam, 

N. C. valued at 8.00 53- 2 5 

Total cash receipts T 87-37 


£be Seconfc Circle of tbe THIloman's Huitltar\> 

Meets First Wednesday of every month at 4.30 p. m. 

Miss Eleanor Carmichael, President 

Miss Francis Carter, Secretary 

Miss Ethel Ownbey, Treasurer 
This Society was organized in June of this year. 


£be Roman's (Suilfc 

Meets 4 p. m. every third Wednesday. 

Miss Fannie Patton, President 

Mrs. J. W. Foreman, First Vice-President 

Mrs. C. C. Mitchell, Second Vice President 

Miss Mary Pulliam, Secretary 

Mrs. F. M. Waddell, Treasurer 

^financial Statement 


Balance from last year .$ 2.14 

Receipts from all sources 204.06 206.20 


Church Debt 100.00 

St Mary's School 10.00 

Relief Chapter (For the poor of the City) 37-oo 

Expenses 30.90 T 77-90 

Cash on hand 28.30 


Cbancel Societ? 

Meets at the call of the Rector. 

Miss Hatch, President 

Mrs. Geo. H. Lambert, Secretary 

Mrs. J. W. Foreman, Treasurer 

Collector for SHstrict fIDtesions 

Miss McAfee, Treasurer 

Collectors, Mrs. H. Redwood 

Mrs. Alonzo Rankin 
Mrs. Haywood Parker 
Mrs. J. G. Low 
Mrs. Batterham 

The office of the Collectors is to solicit and receive offerings to 
be given by the parishioners at stated times for the support of the 
missionary work of the District. It is hoped that every parish- 
ioner will substantially support this essential work of the parish. 

fflMnistering Cbil&ren's league 


President, Miss Maude Hamilton 
Vice-President, Miss Elizabeth Lee 
Treasurer, Miss Florence Carter 
Secretary, Miss Ethel Ownbey 


Earnings from Lawn Party, Bird's Christmas 

Carol, Egg Hunt and Baby Show $7 2 -97 

Monthly Dues 8.00 

Gift from W. S. H 5.00 85.97 



United Offering $3.00 

Box of Clothing, Thompson Orphanage 5.00 

Matthew Owen's Scholarship 10.00 

Quilt Children's Home 1 .50 

Subscription to The Chronicle (St. Paul's School) .25 

Thanksgiving Basket of Fruit for Trinity Church. .80 

Box of clothing, toys, books etc., Sylva, N. C 5.00 

Box of clothing, toys, books etc., Weaver- 

ville, N. C 5.00 

Christmas box for St. Paul's School (for M. W) . . 5.00 

Mission Hospital, Ngankin, China 1.00 

Frances Buxton Memorial, Christ School, 

Arden, N. C 20.00 

St. Paul's School 5.00 

Subscription to Young Christian Soldier .80 

To a poor person 3.25 

Scrap book, Mission Hospital 2.00 

15 yards of Linen Crash, Mission Hospital 2.00 

4 sheets, 6 prs. pillow cases . 3.56 

1 pair of blankets 3.50 

Easter Lily for Litany Desk .50 

On church Debt. 5.00 $82.16 

Cash on hand $3 .81 

The number of members enrolled, 25. Besides the twelve regular 
monthly meetings of the year, there were two extra meetings dur- 
ing Lent for the purpose of sewing for the Mission Hospital. 

The Ministering Childrens' League meets every first Tuesday 
at five o'clock at the home of some member. All are cordially 





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